Select the desired category and register for the major Cost Engineering and Project Management Congress of Latin America:


* The registration fee includes daily lunch and coffee breaks.


For further information, please contact: or call +55 21 3254-5271

General rules

Delegates may register on this website through an exclusive system. In this system, it is possible to register and make payments.

Registrations will only be approved after the payment is confirmed through the system, or, if applicable, by bank transfer or deposit. In case of bank transfer or deposit, send the proof of your transaction to

When registering, you must provide an email to be your LOGIN and a password to access a restricted area to make your registration.

Provide your personal information very carefully, as it will also be used for applications for scientific papers, when accepted (and if applicable).

Make sure that your email address is correct, because all information about the event will be sent to it.

Passport number is mandatory for international participants.

Registration is required to participate in the conference and have access to the event.

Participants pre-registered by August 30, 2016 will participate in the draw of a jewel offered by H. Stern jewelry store. The prize draw will take place during the Gala Dinner.

Registration fee includes daily lunch and coffee break.


Replacements are welcome: a new registration form must be filled and a written notification must be submitted to the Congress Executive Secretariat by email until September 10, 2016.


Letters of invitation for visa purposes will be issued by the congress secretariat upon request and only if the registration form has been filled in and the registration fee has been settled 4 months before the event. VISA

Cancellation Policy

The deadline for refund is September 10, 2016. Any cancellation must be notified in writing to the Congress Executive Secretariat by email until the deadline above. Accepted cancellations will be acknowledged by email. If you do not receive it, please contact the Executive Secretariat. Appropriate refunds will be made available after the end of the congress with discount of 20% (twenty percent) to cover administrative fees.

Registrations by category

● Delegate
Welcome cocktail, access to all programme sessions, admission to exhibition, lunches, coffee breaks, and congress material.
● Delegate for a day
As per the delegate, but limited to the chosen day.
● Student
This category is only applicable to undergraduate students.
Welcome cocktail, attendance to all scientific technical activities *, admission to exhibition of products and services, lunches, coffee breaks, folder and congress material.
To qualify for the fee, a document proving that you are in full time study at a recognized educational institution must be sent to the Executive Secretariat by e-mail ( within 5 working days from your registration. In any case, the student category is only reserved to undergraduate students.
* Undergraduate students cannot submit papers. They can only attend lectures and sessions.

● Accompanying Person
Welcome cocktail.

Note: Other discounts for categories will still be defined.
● Gala Dinner
The Gala Dinner will be organized on Tuesday, October 11, in the evening. The invitation must be purchased separately. Check the cost on the registration tab. The cost may vary according to the deadline for purchase. To participate, please book through the online registration system.
Note: tables and seats cannot be reserved. First come, first served.
● Rules for the new categories indicated in Price Table “1, 2 and 3”:

¹Speaker – participants submitting a paper may register in this category. When registering, the participant must inform the work’s title and ID to be evaluated and validated in the chosen category.
²IBEC’s and IDD’s students – students must send a document proving that they are in full time study in these institutions to the Executive Secretariat by e-mail ( within 5 working days from their registration so that the application can be approved.
³ to register in this category, participants must follow the instructions stated in 1 and 2 to validate their registration.

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A Comissão Organizadora no Brasil é formada por:

Paulo Dias (Presidente do IBEC)
José Chacon de Assis (Presidente da FAEARJ)
Liseo Zampronio (Secretário Geral da Marinha e Almirante de Esquadra)
José Tadeu da Silva (Presidente do CONFEA)
Agostinho Guerreiro (Ex-Presidente do CREA-RJ)
Paulo Guimarães (Presidente da Mútua)
Edinho Bez (Congressista)
Rose de Freitas (Congressista)
Luiz Paulo Corrêa da Rocha (Deputado Estadual)
Paulo Ramos (Deputado Estadual)
Francis Bogossian (Ex-Presidente Clube de Engenharia)
Ícaro Moreno Jr. (Presidente da EMOP)
Aldo Dórea (Presidente da AACEi Brasil)
Wagner Victer (Ex-Presidente da CEDAE)
Camil Eid (Presidente do Instituto de Engenharia)
Alexandre da Silva (Secretaria de Obras da Prefeitura do Rio)
Jobson Nogueira de Andrade (Presidente do CREA-MG)
Juarez Samaniego (Presidente do CREA-MT)
Raphael Albergarias (Presidente do IPMA Brasil)
Orlando Longo (Docente UFF)


Edições anteriores do Congresso Mundial do ICEC:

1971 – Montreal, Quebec (Canadá)
1972 – Cidade do México (México)
1974 – Londres (Reino Unido)
1976 – Boston (EUA)
1978 – Utrecht (Holanda)
1980 – Cidade do México (México)
1982 – Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
1986 – Montreal, Quebec (Canadá)
1986 – Oslo (Noruega)
1988 – Nova Iorque (EUA)
1990 – Paris (França)
1992 – Orlando, Florida (EUA)
1994 – Londres, Inglaterra (Reino Unido)
1996 – Guadalajara (México)
1998 – Roterdão (Holanda)
2000 – Calgary, Canadá
2002 – Melbourne (Austrália)
2004 – Cidade do Cabo (África do Sul)
2006 – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2008 – Toronto, Ontário (Canadá)
2010 – Singapura (Malásia)
2012 – Durban, África do Sul
2014 – Milão, Itália