10th ICEC World Congress

10th ICEC World Congress 2016

During the 8th ICEC World Congress, held in 2012 in Durban (South Africa), the International Cost Engineering Council approved IBEC’s proposal to hold the 10th ICEC World Congress 2016, in Rio de Janeiro. The proposal for the 10th ICEC World Congress was presented in November 2012 to the Congress Organizing Committee in a ceremony in the Engineers’ Club.

Primary Goals

Promote the sciences and arts of cost engineering in Brazil and Latin America.

Develop techniques, technologies, concepts and standards for cost engineering as a multi-disciplinary science, integrating companies, professionals, public institutions, unions, and students, promoting lectures and debates about current fundamental issues on cost engineering.

Spread knowledge and practices in project management through the exchange of experiences among Brazilian and foreigner professionals.

The President’s Welcome

‘For many years, we have dreamed of holding the ICEC World Congress in Brazil, and now we have great expectations. During the 8th ICEC World Congress 2012, held in Durban (South Africa), our proposal to hold the 10th ICEC World Congress in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro was approved. We are honored and grateful for earning ICEC’s trust and recognition of our 35 years of hard work. IBEC’s team is ready to hold the best ICEC World Congress, which will be the first one in Latin America. As ICEC’s Region 1 Director (America), I feel motivated to unite our continent and welcome all participants in this great event. Last year, we signed a contract with Windsor Barra Hotel, which offers the best congress venue in Rio de Janeiro. This moment has been very special and fruitful for all of us working for the success of this huge event. As ICEC’s director, I would like to thank all professionals who have been working to promote cost engineering worldwide to ensure fair price in civil construction projects all over the world’.


070_Paulo_Dias_027 (1)

Paulo Roberto Vilela Dias
Chairman of the 10th ICEC World Congress
ICEC’s Director – Region 1 (America)
IBEC’s President

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A Comissão Organizadora no Brasil é formada por:

Paulo Dias (Presidente do IBEC)
José Chacon de Assis (Presidente da FAEARJ)
Liseo Zampronio (Secretário Geral da Marinha e Almirante de Esquadra)
José Tadeu da Silva (Presidente do CONFEA)
Agostinho Guerreiro (Ex-Presidente do CREA-RJ)
Paulo Guimarães (Presidente da Mútua)
Edinho Bez (Congressista)
Rose de Freitas (Congressista)
Luiz Paulo Corrêa da Rocha (Deputado Estadual)
Paulo Ramos (Deputado Estadual)
Francis Bogossian (Ex-Presidente Clube de Engenharia)
Ícaro Moreno Jr. (Presidente da EMOP)
Aldo Dórea (Presidente da AACEi Brasil)
Wagner Victer (Ex-Presidente da CEDAE)
Camil Eid (Presidente do Instituto de Engenharia)
Alexandre da Silva (Secretaria de Obras da Prefeitura do Rio)
Jobson Nogueira de Andrade (Presidente do CREA-MG)
Juarez Samaniego (Presidente do CREA-MT)
Raphael Albergarias (Presidente do IPMA Brasil)
Orlando Longo (Docente UFF)


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